On November 18, 1966, graduating from the auditorium of the Faculty of Law (now Faculty of Law and Political Science) of the University of Carabobo with the title of “Lawyer”, the -then- “Doctor of Law” Leoncio Landáez Otazo, with the spirit and desire and committed to fairness, justice and the common good of clients lacking adequate legal representation.

In 1969, Dr. Nelly Arcaya Romero, who as a student of Dr. Leoncio Landáes Otazo and later became his spouse, had shared the same concerns as him, including the same Teachings and Researches in Criminal Laws, Criminology and Procedural criminal rights, was named a “Lawyer”, and together with Dr. leoncio Landáes Otazo they formed a  Society, under the name LANDÁEZ & ARCAYA, ASSOCIATE LAWYERS, on the ground floor of the Sarquís Building,  Calle Comercio in the City of Valencia. After countless studies by the founding members in various universities in Europe and the United States of America, they returned to Venezuela and the Firm was moved to the Torre Empresarial Building, located on Avenida Cedeño in the city of Valencia, with correspondents throughout the length and breadth of the country.

In 2003, the founders’ son, Leoncio Landáez Arcaya who graduated as a Lawyer and worked in international firms and studied abroad, was appointed by the them and he took over the management of the firm in 2005, under the names of the founders, including the notion of “LAWYERS CONSULTANTS”; bringing about certain strategic changes of which the most outstanding ones are Establishing the Firm head office in the North of Valencia. Updated technologies and Operational Manuals. Formed a multidisciplinary work team, hiring young and talented Lawyers, graduated from the most prestigious public and private universities in the country.  Dedicated to permanent consulting, so as to serve clients legally and so avoid unnecessary representations.  Putting into practice a Legal Corporative and Integral Management, attending the needs and expectations of the corporative clients. This being so, maintain and increase a list of exceptional clients in different sectors such as the health, bank, industrial, commercial and personal, public and private, as well as national and foreign.

Furthermore, in the same year 2005, Cesar Enrique Uzcátegui Molina, entered as a member of the Firm being incorporated into the Labor department, and he started by consulting and representing the clients of the said Firm, then, after various years in practice, he was became a partner of the Firm in 2010, assuming the management of the firm together with Leoncio Landaez (son).

Later on, in the year 2011, Liliana del Carmen García Viloria, who after several years of service as a legal assistant in the labor department, became a Lawyer, starting as a junior, then a Semi Senior Lawyer until 2018 when she became a partner as well.

Once the new society was confirmed, the partners relaunched the firm converting it into a brand name, accompanied by the last names of the current partners (Landaez, uzcátegui and García), thus becoming “LANDAEZ, Landaez – Uzcategui – García”, which together with a team of associates, legal assistants, and administrative personnel, has maintained a professional position along with Legal Consulting, preserving the essence of the Mission, Vision and Values of the firm since 1966, proud to reaffirm that Landaez is a successful heritage.


Landaez – Uzcategui – García”, which, together with the rest of the associated lawyers, legal assistants and administrative personnel, have a trajectory of more than 50 years in the field of professional practice and of the Legal Consultancy


We are a Law Firm dedicated to advising and representing in a comprehensive and personalized way the interests of our clients and other stakeholders, through a staff of professionals with extensive national and international knowledge and expertise, as well as a high sense of innovation and creativity to meet the needs of our customers and exceed their expectations.


To consolidate the prestige and position of the Firm at a National and International level through the leadership of its human talent, for an effective representation and advice of its clients, framed in professional ethical values ​​and principles.

Values / Business philosophy.

1. Honesty, as a premise based on the Firm-Client relationship.

2. Commitment with its clients, its values, mission and vision and with quality as a value of life.

3. Quality of service, as a constant aimed at customers.

4 Confidentiality, as intrinsic value of the needs of our customers.

5. Study, Creativity, as elements of the solution of legal issues raised.

6. TeamWork among the integrates of the Firm, as a means to achieve our mission and vision.

7. Respect for the rights of third parties and the environment.

Quality politics

It is our policy and commitment in LANDÁEZ

Ensure the provision of a service that meets the standards and demands of our customers, and exceed their expectations, through the continuous improvement of our human talent, systems, processes and services with clear quality leadership, thus ensuring the permanence of the Firm in the national and international markets, and the constant improvement of the quality of life of our professionals as a multidisciplinary work team, highly motivated, trained and committed.

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Contact Us.

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Locales L1-L2. Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela.

Telfs.: +58 241 8235070 / 5052. RIF: J-29619033-0